Drumblade South Africa  
Nestled below Perdeberg Mountain,
Nature's little piece of Heaven


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Our Bird List jumps to 185!

As at July 2015.  First the Black Stork, now the Secretary Bird has been confirmed ... click on birds for a full list


Drumblade Conservancy

Drumblade has formed a Conservancy to protect our natural fauna & flora.  We need as much support and as many members as possible.  Contact drumblade for more information


Perdeberg Mountain Provisionally Declared a Provincial heritage Site


Earlier this year the Drumblade Conservancy applied to the Provincial Heritage Society - Gauteng to have Perdeberg Mountain declared a Provincial Heritage Site.

We have waited for the affected property owners to submit their support / objections to PHARG before making the outcome public knowledge.

PHARG provisionally declared the mountain a protected site in terms of sections 27 and 29 of the National Heritage Resources Act (NHRA) 25 : 1999 on the 6th June 2012.

This protection will be valid for two years while various presentations and other investigations are carried out.

Blue Rose objected to the application.  Several landowners sent letters of support for the application.

The Drumblade Conservancy believes the mountain is of great historical, geological and social importance and it is therefore imperative to protect the mountain ridge and cap from potentially damaging developments and possible mining in the future.

The protection of the mountain should not interfere with the current land owners and the use of their properties – unless they also wished to change the “land use” to high density development, or in any way remove or disturb the iron-age / stone-age / Boer war ruins, in which case they would have to follow the same procedures as any other developer would for their intended development in our area.  In addition, PHARG would have to approve the application as well.


If you would like to comment on this matter please write to drumblade


Geocaching has found it way to Drumblade!  Click on the logo to learn more about Geocaching and find out if there is a cache hidden somewhere near you!


Views of Drumblade by Jenny Self & Ray Robson
Please respect our wildlife - it is very precious to us. Car lights will blind all nocturnal creatures - flashing your lights at them does more harm than good. Animals have no sense of speed, so slow down or stop all together, until the animal has moved out of the way.